Social Networking Pitfalls To Avoid

One of the hottest topics today in the internet marketing world is social marketing. As more and more search engines integrate sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ into their results more professionals are using these sites as part of their advertising strategies. It makes sense, every day millions of people across the world log onto these sites. They’re a great way to stay connected with your users. But not all social media techniques are created equal. Some strategies have proven useless or even harmful. This hasn’t stopped many people from using and promoting then. As you move into social marketing here are some common mistakes to consider so you can avoid them yourself.

Don’t ignore the power of images. Social media is browsed quickly. People may only glance at what you’ve posted for a fraction of a second before deciding if they want to spend more time interacting with it. If you are just posting text then many people will just keep scrolling by. Social media is moving in a very image heavy direction, especially with the advent of sites like Pinterest and Tumblr. Make sure you consider the power of pictures, when it comes to grabbing attention and building brands. If you don’t have a graphic identity then you will have a harder time creating an impression in people’s minds. It’s really that simple. Think of some of the companies that stand out in your mind and you’ll probably have some sort of imagery you associate with them. Humans are visual and this is especially important in today’s social media world.

Watch out when outsourcing your social media efforts. Quality SEO services in UAE matters and just because an offer is cheap it doesn’t mean it’s worth it. Ideally people should actually be interacting with your brand via social media. If you hire someone who’s cheap but can hardly speak the necessary language people will quickly notice. This will damage your credibility in no time. Make sure you hire people with the necessary skills to understand your brand and interact with your customers. If there’s any question at all about their capabilities then you should look somewhere else.

Bad customer service is an easy trap to fall into. This means ignoring the people you’re supposed to be reaching out to. Social media should be a two way street. People are very savvy when it comes to this sort of thing and can tell if they aren’t being respected. If you show you appreciate your audience then they will appreciate you. The effects of your PPC management efforts can spread quickly, make sure that people are sharing positive words about your business.

All of this can be summed up as two main mistakes. There’s ignoring social media and investing in poor social media. If you hire sub-par social media contractors or do a poor job yourself then you can do more harm than good. If you make the decision to go into the social world then you should be willing to commit to doing it right. Those who make the investment and take the right steps will see the benefits as they start building their brand and reaching out to new customers. When done correctly social marketing opens up a whole new world of opportunity.